Unique experiences in Quintana Roo

Everyone has heard of the famous hidden paradise of the Mexican Riviera Maya. With its cristal beaches, lush vegetation, mayan influence, archeological sites, parks and the incredible cenotes, you will definately find activities and enjoy your vacation in Cancun.  

Here are some ideas of unique amazing experiences you should think about to spice up your vacations in the Riviera Maya. You will get close to local people and get to know more about there way of life and culture.

Snorkel in the Ojo de Agua in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The best of this quiet town is the wide white sand beach where you can go snorkelling straight off the shore in the famous “Ojo de Agua”. The “Ojo de Agua” is a hole from where spring water gets out and get mixed with the salted water of the sea. As it is a bit hard the find it, you can go with a guide, they provide all the gears, take you to the “Ojo de Agua” and show you the best spots of the reef to see coloured fish, barracudas, corals. If you get lucky, you will see turtles or eagle rays. A incredible snorkelling experience without going out on a boat.

Take time for a yoga class.

Yoga is a famous activity all around the world but here, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, you can experience it in a different approach. Mariane, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher, from Yoga Kia Ora, will take you to a beautiful spiritual journey. Taught by instructors from India and New Zealand, she bases her practice on the connection and the self awarness. Private or group lessons are available, adapted to your level (beginner to advanced) and interests (alignments, respiration, improvement of asanas, flexibility, meditation, etc) She gives the class either on the beach in the morning or in a beautiful place surrounded by nature; in French, English or Spanish. Try it and get to know the inner you.

Take a Salsa and Bachata Class

One of the most famous salsa and bachata teacher lives in the Riviera Maya. Known as Steve from the Esteve Dance Academy, he is expert in shy and 2 left feet people!!! No matter your level,  beginners to advanced, he has a great methodology to make you move as a latino. He can give the lessons in English, Spanish or French for 1 person or a group of people. You can go alone, as a couple or a group of friends. The private classes are the best for you to improve your level or start learning the basic steps. So, ready to dance?

Try spearfishing

This is an activity of a lifetime. You need a good physical condition and be ready to spend some hours in the water. The best spearfisherman of the Riviera Maya lives in Playa del Carmen. His name is Ruben, working at EasySpearfishing. He has been fishing for many years, knows well the area and knows secret fishing spots. If you go with him, he will take you out on his boat or you will leave from the shore, he will provide the speargun, wetsuit, knives and other equipment you will need. He has a good teaching method and for sure, you will come back with fresh fish.

Take a cooking class

The Mexican food has a worldwide reputation. From a few ingredients, they can cook a wide randge of different dish, with or without chily, and bring a very excotic favor to the food. Mexico Lindo Cooking has the best cooking classes in the Riviera Maya. You will learn how to cook traditional Mexican food with a professional chef within a mayan community and then enjoy and eat with everything you just cooked in a feast. A culinary experience of a lifetime.

What to do in Puerto Morelos? Cooking class

Experience a Mayan Spa

A temazcal is a traditional Mexican steam bath that is in many ways similar to the Native American sweat lodge. Besides promoting physical well-being and healing, the temazcal is also a ritual and spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection. This sweat lodge ritual takes place in a circular, dome-shaped structure made of stone or mud. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word «temazcalli» (the language of the Aztecs), although many of the indigenous groups had this practice, including the Mayans, Toltecs, and Zapotecs. It is a combination of the words tema , meaning «steam» or «bath,» and calli, meaning «house.» Try the Yann Healing Sanctuary in Tulum.

What to do in Puerto Morelos? Temazcal

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